Digital Design Files

Right here, you can download your favourite Post-Couture pieces in both .ai and .dwg format. On the garment page you'll also see what size the lasercutter has to be to be able to cut the design. Simply take these files to your local Fablab or Makerspace along with your fabric of choice and get them cut in minutes!
Scroll down to our MATERIAL SUGGESTIONS page to read more about how to select the perfect fabrics to create your garments from.

If you want to customize the digital design file, you'll need a program like Illustrator, Rhinoceros or SolidWorks. 
If you've made a cool design we'd love to hear about it!

Of course, you can also order your garments pre-cut as a DIY kit in our SHOP. We will have it cut at the facility in our network that's closest to you and have it shipped to you within a week!