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Modular Chiffon Dress by Marie-Sophie Beinke.
Part of the Post-Couture Antwerp Collection.

This design is one of the most versatile in this collection. Because it consist entirely of only two types of fabric squares and is assembled using strips, you can assemble it it any configuration you'd like. You can lasercut as many additional squares & strips as you like, so get creative and show us the results! It also comes in just one size, but the squares can be scaled up or down to create a smaller or larger garment.

Material suggestion: this garment was designed to be made from a polyester chiffon fabric. We encourage you to find your own materials and experiment with them to find your personal style. We have excellent experience with the materials you can find on our DIY PAGE.

For this garment you need about 4,5 m / 14,2 ft of fabric, if it's 1,8 m / 5,9 ft wide. In the Assembly Instruction you'll see exactly what sizes fabric you need to cut that fit all the patterns pieces. 


This download contains the digital design file for this garment in one size, a measurement table, assembly instructions and tips & tricks for lasercutting.

For help with the right laser-settings please ask the instructors at your facility.

With this digital design file you can always re-make this garment in your local Makerspace, from any material you like and re-assemble your garment in any colour or material configuration. 

For this design you need a lasercutter that has a cutting surface of at least 300 x 300 mm / 11,9" x 11,9".


To purchase this garment as an already cut construction-kit, please visit our SHOP.