24.02.2017 | Post-Couture Brazil


Over the past half a year a group of students from the Design Department at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil worked on a project that took the Post-Couture philosophy and technology as a starting point. This semester gave them a chance to discover the possibilities of integrating digital fabrication into fashion design. 

They all took our philosophy to heart and developed ideas that could make the fashion world both more sustainable ánd more personal. Combining the idea of DIY fabrication on lasercutters with local crafts and inspirations, they came up with great concepts that show a direction for the Brazilian (and global) fashion industry of the future.

Last week the 5 groups presented their work over Skype to our founder Martijn van Strien to get feedback and finalise their term. 

Check out the 5 projects below:

Thank you Brandon, Hellen, Priscilla, Carlos, Evian, Luisa, Erika, Priscilla, Karine, Amanda, Julia, Nataly, Ana & Tatiana for your inspiration and great work!
And thanks to Aguinaldo dos Santos (Professor) & Iana Uliana (MSc Candidate) for organising this project!


If you're interested to collaborate with the Post-Couture Collective on inspiring educational or corporate projects, get in touch!

01.11.2016 | Post-Couture Antwerp Launch


We had a great launch of the new Post-Couture Antwerp collection in Antwerp. After the launch event our Makershop was open for 10 more days to allow people to come back and get their garments customised and lasercut for them on the spot.

Thanks everyone for being part of this launch!

Special thanks to:
Paris Texas Gallery, BRM Lasers, Stadslab2050, Maakbaar, Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat.



20.10.2016 | Discover the POST-COUTURE ANTWERP campaign by Lee Wei Swee.


Photography: Lee Wei Swee
Hair & make-up: Cecile Paravina
Models: Simon & Lotte | Rebel Management, Melvin | Housecat
Concept: Lee Wei Swee, Sofie Gaudaen, Sofie Nieuwborg, Emmanuel Ryngaert, Kjell de Meersman

Discover all images below:

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30.05.2016 | Post-Couture Antwerp

Introducing 5 new Post-Couture designers and a new collection!

A few weeks ago research started for a second Post-Couture collection, in collaboration with Antwerp-based lasercutting studio MAAKBAAR and Antwerp's Stadslab2050 (Sustainable City) initiative.

Starting out from the same techniques and material requirements that formed the mphvs ONE | OFF collection, but designed by a new team of Antwerp-based designers.

The designs will once again be downloadable to produce in makerspaces or made-to-order and shipped as construction kits.

The collection is set for a launch in September 2016, and we'll write regular updates on the process on this page and our social media.

Introducing the 5 new
Post-Couture designers: 


Kjell de Meersman

Kjell studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and currently interns at A.F. Vandevorst.


image from previous collection by: Lee Wei Swee

Marie-Sophie Beinke

Marie-Sophie graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and was awarded Honest by's first Future Fashion Designer Scholarship in 2014. She currently interns at Walter van Beirendonck.

sketch from previous collection by: Marie-Sophie Beinke

Sofie Gaudaen

Sofie graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2015.


image from previous collection by: Lee Wei Swee

Emmanuel Ryngaert

Emmanuel is currently working on his final collection at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Emmanuel on: INSTAGRAM

image from previous collection by: Michael Smits

Sofie Nieuwborg

Sofie is currently working on her 3rd bachelor collection at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.


sketch by: Sofie Nieuwborg

Last week 4 of the new designers and Martijn visited the Premiere Vision fabrics fair to find sustainable and laser-cuttable fabrics for the new pieces.  We have found a broad range of new materials that will allow the designers to stay as close to their style as possible, while fitting in with the Post-Couture philosophy.


the team at Premiere Vision Paris


Discover more about this collection and receive regular updates on our social media accounts:


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25.05.2016 | New photo series of the ONE | OFF collection by Marinka Grondel


Wow, we're so happy with the new images of the ONE | OFF collection!

They are shot by Marinka Grondel
make-up is by Yokaw at Angelique Hoorn
and the garments are worn by lovely Charlotte from VDM Models

Discover all the images below.


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17.04.2016 | Join the Open Source Fashion Revolution!

During this year’s Fashion Revolution Week, we’ve decided to offer all of our digital garment designs for free. Asking traditional brands questions about their production methods and locations is a great start, but we want to support this revolution with our positive alternative to the existing industry.

We strongly believe in Open Source and want to use Fashion Revolution Week to promote the exchange of ideas. We hope you take this opportunity to download our designs, experiment with them, and share your experiences, improvements and ideas with our online community.

Together we have the chance to make this industry fairer, more sustainable and more rewarding. Join the Open Source Fashion Revolution!

Download the digital patterns HERE

Join our online community HERE

Read more about the influence of Open Source ideas in the fashion industry in the Open Source Fashion Manifesto HERE


12.11.2015 | We're looking for a recycler for our fabric leftovers!

The Post-Couture Collective is looking for a company that is able to recycle our (and your) leftover fabrics and garments.

During the past year we have saved and colour-sorted all the off-cuts for the development of the mphvs ONE | OFF collection. They're all polyester spacer fabric in a few different colours. 

In the coming year we intend to set up a garment-return program for any Post-Couture garments that are sold or made globally.

Our goal is to set up a system where we can turn used fabrics into new garments and realise a 100% cradle to cradle industry.


Are you, or do you know a company that could help us with this, be it a fabric recycler, spinner, transporter or company with experience in setting up return-programs like these, please get in touch!

15.10.2015 | Parametric fashion design with Leonie Tenthof van Noorden.

Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, industrial designer

Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, industrial designer

Leonie Tenthof van Noorden is an industrial designer, specialised in the combination between fashion and technology. In 2014 she graduated from the University of Technology Eindhoven with the project ‘This Fits Me’, focused on personalising garments though 3D body scanning and generative design methodologies.

Currently based in London, Leonie searches for the personal touch in products and unique experiences. To achieve this she engages with a variety of disciplines ranging from architecture, mathematics and fashion to fully exploit the latest methods and techniques.

Check out the video about the design proces and collaboration with Mieneke Roose and read our interview with Leonie about her motivations below:

Interview with Leonie Tenthof van Noorden and Mieneke Roose about parametric grading.

I believe it is important to participate in The Post-Couture Collective, to bring people from different disciplines together and to share knowledge and experiences. By sharing this knowledge and combining our skills, we can start innovative projects that push the boundaries of various industries.

In this first project of The Post-Couture Collective we make a first step towards custom-made fast and affordable fashion. This is a huge step, since custom-made is normally very expensive and accessible to a specific group of people. Making garments perfectly fitted to the body of the customer, will give them more comfort and confidence. And hopefully they will wear the garment longer than only one season.

Next to this, I am very fond of the connector system to assemble the garments. It is great that the garments are not stitched together, but assembled by the person that will wear the garment. All the connectors are programmed, so when you order a custom-made garment, the program will calculate the ultimate strength of the connection.


Software to insert connectors into the garment designs.


I want to offer something unique to individuals, something exclusive that has a special value for them. Therefore I am very much focused on adding a personal touch in my designs. I analyse how people’s personal characteristics can play a role in the design. This can be an interactive experience, but also in the design of a garment. Generative design software and digital fabrication techniques give me the opportunity to experiment and create custom-made products.

Everybody is already aware that the fashion industry is a very polluting industry and the prices of fast-fashion are incredibly low. This needs to change, and already many designers are working on finding a solution for this.

But what really needs to change, is the attitude of the customers. When people are still buying the fast-fashion pieces, the industry will not change. So we need to make slow-fashion and sustainable fashion pieces accessible, affordable and attractive to the general public.

I believe that technology can play a large part in this change, since it can maintain the speed of the society we are living in now. Custom-made garments will definitely be a solution to the fast fashion problem, but not when everything is done by hand, it’s too time consuming. Involving generative design methods and digital fabrication techniques, to adapt every design to an individual, will make it fast, affordable and more valued by the customers.


Find our more about Leonie’s work on her website:


07.10.2015 | Future Fashion Panels @ DDW15

During this years Dutch Design Week we will host 4 panel-discussions about the future of fashion and our role in it, moderated by Martijn van Strien.
The Post-Couture partners will talk with prominent guests from the design and innovation sectors.

These panels are open to the public and we would like to invite you to join us to discover our combined visions and have a chat and beer with us at:

UnderConstruction gallery, Kleine Berg 45, Eindhoven.

Find all the dates and speakers below: