15.06.2016 | Post-Couture Antwerp | Update June

New materials and connector type

As you can see, we're working hard on the development of the second Post-Couture collection!

The fabrics have been selected and tested, and we designed a few new connection methods to ensure stronger seams in a variety of new materials. The new collection will be made using a selection of French (recycled) wool fabrics, Belgian (recycled) polyesters and a super hi-tech lightweight Japanese organza.

Sketch by Sofie Nieuwborg

All five designers know what type of garments they want to create and finished their sketches. We're now moving on to the development of the digital cutting patterns to create the first toiles and sample garments. 

We are very excited about the outcome of this project, and we’ll continue to post updates about the process every now and then.

In the meantime, read this interview we did with 1 Granary a few weeks ago to get more insight in the vision of our 5 new designers: HERE

Also, if you have suggestions for locations where we could host our pop-up exhibition / makershop in early September, get in touch!


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