15.09.2017 | Interview with MESHIT about Post-Couture Vienna Collection



For the occasion of the Vienna Biennale 2017, The Post-Couture Collective and MESHIT have joined forces to co-create a Post-Couture collection of on-demand garments. 

In this interview we ask Ida and Lena a few questions about the collection and the vision behind their work.

Q: What made you want to become designers / do you have a design philosophy?
A:  We wanted to create fashion that is affordable, easy to wear but not ordinary and fair produced. Those were actually the main reasons why we started Meshit.

Pieces from Meshit's SS17 collection.

Pieces from Meshit's SS17 collection.

Q: How / where do you normally produce the clothing you design for your line?
A: All our products are made in Europe. The majority of our clothes are produced in Budapest in a small production place that we are working together with since already 7 years now. Our knitwear is made in Vienna, underwear in Croatia and leather accessories in Slovakia.

Q: What was it like developing these two new designs with The Post-Couture Collective?
A: It was a totally new way of creating and producing a design. We were working with a lasercutter for the first time which was really interesting to learn. It was a great experience and we especially like the idea of producing on-demand with the possibility to easily respond to customers wishes. 

Q: Which materials did you chose for the Post-Couture Vienna pieces?
A: We chose 100% wool fabrics that are related to traditional Austrian fabrics. Like for example ”Loden” which is used for “Trachten” - traditional Austrian clothing.

Custom pockets for the Post-Couture Vienna collection.

Custom pockets for the Post-Couture Vienna collection.

Q: How do you feel about open-source & the possibility of customers changing your designs before they produce these garments?
A: We are open for suggestions from customers and in this case it is quite easy to adjust some design details like the length of sleeves or the jacket… also we wanted to leave it quite open if people like to have a more playful version of the garment with graphic drawings on the pockets, or totally simple without the drawings or even without pockets.

We don´t see the need for pieces that can be worn in many ways but in this case it´s fun for the customer to have a part in the design by choosing the pockets. We like that idea.

Q: Do you feel the fashion industry will change in the next 10 years?
A: Yes, we definitely feel the fashion industry is changing. We think social media and the fast-photography plays a big role in those changes. 

We just decided recently to stop working with the typical fashion seasons - we are more concentrating on our own shop and webshop and will design more but smaller collections during the year and will launch them right after they are finished. We are just in the beginning of this new concept but we think more and more labels are shifting towards this way of creating collections…

Check out the Post-Couture Vienna collection in our SHOP or DIY page.