12.11.2015 | We're looking for a recycler for our fabric leftovers!

The Post-Couture Collective is looking for a company that is able to recycle our (and your) leftover fabrics and garments.

During the past year we have saved and colour-sorted all the off-cuts for the development of the mphvs ONE | OFF collection. They're all polyester spacer fabric in a few different colours. 

In the coming year we intend to set up a garment-return program for any Post-Couture garments that are sold or made globally.

Our goal is to set up a system where we can turn used fabrics into new garments and realise a 100% cradle to cradle industry.


Are you, or do you know a company that could help us with this, be it a fabric recycler, spinner, transporter or company with experience in setting up return-programs like these, please get in touch!