Over the past few years, clothing has been treated more and more like a disposable product. The production of clothing is aimed for increasing numbers and production to decrease prices. Low prices seem attractive, but what does this way of producing mean for the future of the environment and the people that work in this industry?

The Post-Couture Collective offers an alternative to today’s fashion system. We’re introducing a new era in the production of sustainable and affordable clothing. In our vision clothing is designed on the principles of open-source, and is made using 21st century technology. We are the first fashion label that truly embraces the Maker Movement and the Third Industrial Revolution.


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The first Post-Couture collection consists of six archetypical pieces of clothing designed by mphvs. They are specifically developed to be produced on a lasercutter and assembled by the end user. The minimalistic and slightly futuristic designs are cut from Spacer fabric; a 3D-knitted material that is soft to the touch, breathable and strong enough for the innovative construction method. The refined structure of the fabric flows beautifully around the body. This high-tech material is made from recycled PET-bottles, and can be recycled again after being worn.

You receive the garments as made-to-measure construction kits, or you can use a lasercutter in your local Makerspace after downloading the digital design from THE POST-COUTURE COLLECTIVE to cut them.

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This innovative way of producing clothing close to and with the end-user gives the garments an added value that mass-produced fashion can never attain. In local production-facilities garments will only be made when they are sold, so left-over stock in stores will be a thing of the past. The materials we use are already recycled or can be easily recycled due to the production and assembly process.

To accomplish our vision, we’re building a global network of designers, technical researchers and production locations. In collaborations we develop online collections for production on lasercutters and 3D printers. This way the designs can be shared digitally and manufactured locally and on-demand.

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In this production process you play an important role. You use our online tools to customise the garment’s design to your wishes before it is manufactured. By inputting your body’s measurements the design adapts itself to your sizes, and after selecting the material of your choice the garment is then ready to be produced at a location near you.

You can also download the digital design file and even customise it before production. For example you can alter the length of a dress before looking for your favourite material and taking this to a local Makerspace to be cut into the pattern pieces. 

After cutting the pieces can be assembled by you, without the need to use sewing machines or other equipment. By using an innovative construction in the seams of the garment it can be assembled following simple instructions. The designs offer the opportunity to assemble and reconfigure them again and again using new materials or colours.


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