mphvs ONE | OFF T-shirt

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mhpvs - 01 - 015 copy.jpg

mphvs ONE | OFF T-shirt


mphvs ONE | OFF T-shirt

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This oversized t-shirt is designed by high-tech Dutch fashion label ’mphvs’ for The Post-Couture Collective as part of the world’s first downloadable garment collection. 
Produced on a lasercutter from a digitally designed file and assembled by… You!

The archetypical shape is inspired by architecture, and features an innovative construction technique that eliminates the need to use a sewing machine to put it together. It has an short sleeves that can be extended with optional sleeves. Under the arms the garment features a cooling technical laser-print which helps the garments breathe.

The garment is made from a 3D knitted spacer fabric, which is soft to the skin, has a beautifully flowing texture and is made from 100% recycled PET-bottles.

All Post-Couture garments come as a DIY construction-kit, which includes assembly instructions, and a download link to the digital design file. With this digital design file you can always re-make this garment in your local Makerspace, from any material you like and re-assemble your garment in any colour or material configuration. 

Made in: the Netherlands
Material: 100% Recycled Polyester
Care instructions: Dry clean only

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